NQ4S McLean, Virginia, USA
Fairfax County
ITU Zone: 8 - CQ Zone: 5 - Grid: FM18jw


I developed an interest in contesting as a way of getting DX contacts. My primary interest is in digital (especially RTTY) contests as they give me a chance to integrate computer operation with the radio, don't require talking (to keep noise in the house down), and work better with low power. You can see a list of contests I've worked and hope to work.

After any contest I save the contest log into my generaal station log, mail the log to the appropriate organization for ranking, and update both LotW and eQSL. Another reason I've come to like RTTY contesting is that participants in these contests are more likely to upload their results to the online QSL services than SSB contesters.

My priorities in contesting are first the RTTY contests sponsored by ARRL and CQ Magazine, second are the SSB contests sponsored by ARRL and CQ Magazine, third are any other RTTY contests I can find the time to participate in. I'm particularly drawn to the CQ WPX (worked all prefix) contests due to my having a very rare prefix. At one time I looked it up and there were only 26 other stations with the "NQ4" prefix. This tends to make other stations very responsive when I answer their CQ during contests with my callsign.

Contest operation is exclusively search and pounce (S&P) for me. Unfortunately my station transmits much better than it hears. Because of this, if I can hear a station they will likely hear me. The reverse is not true. If I call CQ most of the stations I hear are only whispers.

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