NQ4S McLean, Virginia, USA
Fairfax County
ITU Zone: 8 - CQ Zone: 5 - Grid: FM18jw


Welcome! Amateur Radio has been a growing interest of mine since early 2001. This page will tell you a little about my operations as well as take you to some related work I've done. Enjoy.


Let me offer a few pages I've put together involving Amateur Radio.

My interests in Amateur Radio are two fold. First, I'm curious to see just how much can be accomplished with the digital modes (packet radio). Next, I want to talk to the International Space Station.

I met part of the second goal at about 11:05 PM on May 27th, 2001 when I received packet data from the ISS. I saw stations from New York to Michigan and all the way down to Florida. Next, I just need to succeed in sending data. Hopefully, one day, I'll also manage to get a voice contact with one of the astronauts or cosmonauts.


My current equipment setup is as follows:

The AR-270 is mounted in the attic of my townhouse and connected to the radio by 50 feet of RG-8X coax running down to the basement. The power supply was added because I was getting tired of having the battery go dead while working from home. The microphone had to be added because it was too difficult to pick up the radio with power, data, and antenna cables hanging off of it.

The Arrow II is a portable antenna that I put on a camera tripod in the back yard when trying to talk to ISS or one of the AMSAT birds.

The SG-239 is mounted in the attic with a 58 foot loop of #12 wire running around the attic perimeter. That antenna works better than I would have ever expected. Within the first few weeks I had already worked over 20 countries including Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Contact and Information

In addition to this site, I have a web link at QSL.net. Not much is there, other than a link back to this location. QSL.net also provides an e-mail forwarding service for NQ4S@qsl.net back to my home e-mail address. This is probably the shortest e-mail address I have with only 12 characters total.

I've also filled in profiles on the web sites at QRZ and eHam.net to make lookup and contact a little easier.

Lastly, I have joined up with eQSL so I can send and receive QSL confirmations online. These can't be used for awards, but it looks like a good service for prenotification. By sending this to someone online, it might be possible to sort out any mistakes before mailing off a postcard.

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