NQ4S McLean, Virginia, USA
Fairfax County
ITU Zone: 8 - CQ Zone: 5 - Grid: FM18jw


Links to resources I've found to be useful.

About Me

My current radio home page. Any content will be migrating to this site in the near future.
My QRZ profile.
My QSL.net page, currently just redirects to a personal hosting site.

Information Resources

Discussion forums and ham profile pages.
Web hosting, e-mail forwarding, and mailing lists for hams.
Articles and product reviews


General information and mailing lists dedicated to ham radio contesting.
Super Check Partial
List of active contest stations. Used by logging software to verify callsigns.


This is software I rely on for my radio activities.

Free suite of applications including logging, spotting, propegation prediction, and digital operation.
N1MM Logger
Free contest logging software. Has good integration with digital modes to help minimize information you have to type in.
Very sophisticated program for sending and receiving RTTY using Microsoft Windows and a PC sound card. This software is also used by DXLab and N1MM Logger for RTTY operations.

More Software

This is not software I use on a day to day basis but it may be worth a look at.

Free multi-mode digital communications software for Microsoft Windows and a PC sound card. Includes support for RTTY and PSK.
Free slow Scan TV software for Microsoft Windows and a PC sound card. Allows you to send and receive pictures via radio.
Free PSK communcations software for Microsoft Windows and a PC sound card. One of the first programs to support PSK. Not updated anymore but still useful for working PSK.
Free multi-mode digital communcations software for multiple operating systems. Supports seveveral modes including RTTY and PSK
Free multi-mode digital communications software for Microsoft Windows and a PC sound card. Supports many modes including RTTY, PSK, and SSTV.


Kenwood TS-2000
All mode tranceiver which covers HF, 2-meter, and 70cm bands.
Tigertronics SignaLink USB
Provides a single cable interface between your computer and radio (excluding a CAT cable) by using a USB connected sound chip and custom cable for the transceiver. When the radio has an accessory port (like the Kenwood TS-2000) it is not even necessary to tie into the speaker and microphone ports of the radio so that this box has one cable in (from the computer) and one cable out (to the radio).
SGC SG-239
I use a random length wire loop (about 100-feet long) in my attic as my primary HF antenna. This remote tuner allows me to match that loop from 160M up to 10M with a mimimum SWR on the coax going back to the radio. In terms of radio bands for the money this is one of the best options you can do for an indoor antenna.

More Hardware

This is not hardware I use but could be of use to others.

DigiMaster PRO+
This device was pointed out to me after I had noted a lask of FSK support in the SignaLink USB interface. The DigiMaster costs a little more and takes a few more cables to hookup but it provides several more capabilities including FSK and CW keying.

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