NQ4S McLean, Virginia, USA
Fairfax County
ITU Zone: 8 - CQ Zone: 5 - Grid: FM18jw


My station is low-power with all indoor antennas. I'm using a Kenwood TS-2000 tranceiver as my only radio. This radio is great in that it covers all of the main HF bands along with 2-meter and 70cm. Connecting back to the computer I have a standard serial cable for radio control and a SignaLink USB for a sound card interface.

The computer is running two sets of radio software. The first is DXLab for general opertaions. This suite of applications provides logging, digital operations, DX spotting, and many other functions. Best of all, it is free. The author is actively supporting and improving the applications so new features show up regularly. The second set of software is N1MM Logger for contest operations. This contest logger supports integrated digital operation and can fill a band map from packet cluster spots. This is also a free application which is actively supported.

I have three antennas in my attic. My general purpose HF antenna is a 100-foot loop of wire connected to a SGC SG-239 remote autotuner. This antenna will tune up on 10M through 160M with below 1.5:1 SWR showing at the radio. The second antenna is a 20M hamstick dipole. This antenna gives slightly better reception on 20M than the loop. I went with the extra 20M antenna as that is the most popular DX band. Finally, I have a Cushcraft AR-270 dual band (2M/70cm) vertical antenna for VHF/UHF operation.

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